I remembered it was near the height of the outbreak in Singapore, and our News Feed were constantly flooded with videos and articles of how the world is going into chaos just because the Dorscon level moved to Orange. All I recalled was people rushing to stockpile on daily essentials and toilet paper (Till this day I cannot understand why people are doing that, and it has become a global phenomena already). Some were showing off their bomb shelters that has been converted into a "mini-mart", that was honestly quite amusing but unnecessary. All in all, despite the seriousness of the health situation, we had a few good laughs from the memes that ensued. I also joined in the fun making some memes, just to lighten the mood. 

On a more serious note, items such as face masks, hand sanitisers were flying off the shelves (perhaps from the same kiasu people who stockpile rice and toilet paper). These items has since become a highly sought after commodity, while others are taking advantage of the situation to mark up their prices. Of course, there are kind souls that are giving out free face masks in MRT stations and bus interchanges which I happen to come across a few. That struck a chord in me, I wanted to help as well. 

Seeing people giving out free face masks, struck a chord in me. I wanted to help as well.

As an eCommerce platform that aims to make healthy lifestyle affordable and a reality to all, even though my products are mostly consumables. I should be looking at other aspects as well, especially in this trying period. I tried to procure hand sanitisers and face masks to give away but they were either hard to find, super expensive or from dodgy sources. Hence, I thought that I approach this from another angle, by helping to boost the immunity of the people instead, especially for the young and elderly since they are ones that needs it most. I started to give away our Birch Tree Sap. Some of you may have seen the post on our Facebook page. Well, turned out the response was surprisingly good, and we managed to give out almost half of what I intended within the first 2 weeks. 

The Birch Tree Sap giveaway was a success, almost half of what was intended was given out within the first 2 weeks.

It was also then, someone suggested that we reach out to communities, hospitals, ambulances (really?) and give out to them as well. So I gave it a shot and contacted Touch Community, their response was prompt but we had a small issue. Due to dietary restrictions of the elderly, they are unable to consume the Birch Tree Sap. But since they have volunteers working with the elderly, they can benefit from the donation since they're always out and about. Why not, as long as we can help others. To cut the long story short, we delivered our donations to three of their centers and met up with their center manager. It was a great learning opportunity and we got to understand more about how what they do and how they're helping the community. Upon reflection, less those that are panicking as though it is the end of the world, there are still many out there trying to make a difference, standing strong and fighting on. "United we stand, divided we fall." These words were the outcome of my reflections and it cannot be more true than that.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Does the Birch Tree Sap and its delivery cost us money, time, effort? Sure it did. But did it matter knowing that we managed to help others. No, it didn't matter at all. With that, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to a number of stakeholders. Firstly, our customers that supported us, our supplier Baltic Fresh, Touch Community and all its staff, our Facebook fans that commented, shared and liked our posts and for everyone else who came down to collect. We hope you have managed to share them with the young and old at home. 

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