• Czekolateria Sweet Fascinations

Czekolateria Sweet Fascinations

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  • Merchant: Baltic Fresh Asia
  • Brand: Czekolateria
  • Product Code: 091F
  • Country of Origin: Poland
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  • Allergens: May contain other nuts
  • Ingredients: Sugar, wheat starch, soybean flour, glucose syrup (from wheat), cacao fat, glucose-fructose syrup (from wheat), cocoa liquor, palm oil, peine milk powder, lactose (from milk), dextrose, 1% peanuts, 1% apricot kernel, 0.5% brandy, cherry juice
  • Storage Conditions: Store in a cool, dry place
  • Weight: 400g
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Sweet fascinations of 15 perfectly composed tasty creations.

Etiuda: A praline with 70% cocoa filling with a delicate alcoholic note

Allegro: Praline with 2.5% pieces of rice crisps, in 45% chocolate with a slightly bitter note

Sonata: Praline with 70% vanilla flavor filling

Arietta: Praline with a 70% coffee-milk flavor filling

Tango: Praline with 70% filling with a delicate fruit flavor, in chocolate

Bolero: Praline with 62% toffee flavored filling with roasted peanuts

Canzona: Praline with 62% hazelnut filling, in milk chocolate, decorated with white chocolate

Ballada: Cocoa praline with a 70% rum flavor filling

Intermezzo: Praline with 70% apricot filling, milk chocolate

Serenada: Praline with 50% creamy hazelnut filling

Rapsodia: Praline with 62% caramel flavor filling with roasted peanuts

Symfonia: Praline with 45% liquid brandy filling

Arabeska: Praline with 70% filling with a delicate milk flavor in chocolate, decorated with milk chocolate

Menuet: Praline with a 70% chocolate-rum flavor filling in milk chocolate

Sonata: Praline with 72% vanilla flavor filling

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